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The Method

Happy Dog

The method of Amichien® Bonding was developed by Jan Fennell, the internationally acclaimed Dog Listener.

Jan was inspired by how Monty Roberts - the Horse Whisperer - had developed an understanding of the communication systems of horses and how humans can utilise these to enable horses to trust in and accept leadership from people.

Jan set herself to develop her understanding of how canines communicate, and to use this understanding to develop a method through which people can better communicate with their dogs.

Jan observed canines in the wild and compared the behaviours she observed with domestic dogs. From this extensive study emerged her method of Amichien® Bonding.

This method is a non-confrontational method, in which any form of force or the use of gadgets has no place.

Instead the method highlights and targets the four most important areas of life for canines. Communication around these four areas is of crucial importance to dogs and influences their behaviour. Amichien® bonding explains how the different ways in which people behave will pass different messages to their dogs and why this is critically important in respect of these four key areas.

Obedient Dog

The method provides simple, practical steps you can take in order to provide your dogs with the messages you want them to hear so that they will behave appropriately, and you can both enjoy a stress and problem free relationship.

Jan has now trained a worldwide network of dog listeners to teach her method through one to one consultations. She has also written many books and produced DVD/VHS, and audio CDs. Please see the Links page for further information for Jan and other dog listeners.