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Welcome to Dog Positive!

Maggie Bending
Professional Dog Listener
Certificate of Advanced Canine Communication

Does your dog speak English?

Mine doesn't either!

Dog Positive can teach you how to communicate with your dog using the language that he or she understands.

Through using the simple and effective method of 'Amichien® Bonding', as developed by Jan Fennell, you can communicate and build the relationship with your dog that you would love to have. Because Amichien® Bonding uses dogs own language, this method works with every dog regardless of breed, age, size etc

By using this method your dog will gain confidence in you and your leadership and will become able to modify any behaviours that are causing problems.

The method of Amichien® Bonding has been used successfully to resolve many different behavioural problems including:

If you are thinking of getting a puppy, implementing Amichien® bonding right from the start can prevent problem behaviours ever arising.

Dog Positive operates within Cambridgeshire, and on its borders. One to one consultations are offered in your own home in which I can show you how to use this simple and kind method, which will cause your dog to behave in the way that you want and to enjoy a relaxed and stress free life.